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Sliding into Pool


High quality service, professional and timely.

The owners and employees of Pool Rangers are always dependable, professional and friendly. I trust their service and recommend this business to anyone needing pool repair and/or service.

Michele P.

Outstanding pool service!

Pool Rangers is noteworthy for its highly dependable, effective and efficient professional service. Look no further....this organization is the best in Miami.

Ann F F.

High quality and professional service!

Since day one Pool Rangers, owners and employees, have provided fantastic service. Any time that I have contacted the owners on a weekend with a question, they have responded. And when, on a weekend, they have had to contact the young man that maintains our pool, he too has responded. They truly provide high quality, professional and friendly service! I highly recommend Pool Rangers, Inc.

Lisa M.

Great service!

I maintained my pool and spa for 15 years when I decided to have pool Rangers service my both.Since that time they have done a stellar job of keeping my pool and spa clean, clear and sparkly! I'm very satisfied with their service and would highly recommend them to anyone and would be more than happy to speak with anyone who is contemplating using them!


Kelli M.

Best Pool Service

I have owned a home an pool in North Miami Beach since 1997. I have gone through many a pool company in those years, and most companies start out with good service then rapidly decline. Since starting with pool rangers I have gotten nothing less than superior service from the very beginning and it has continued. While being slightly more expensive than other companies I have not had one problem. My pool stays immaculate and I have never had to call them regarding anything. They are worth every penny with their personalized service. I would and do recommend them every chance I get.

Johnny O.

Professional, Reliable & Friendly

After much frustration with our previous pool servicer not showing up and impossible to reach on the phone, I called Pool Rangers. I was in a bind and needed an emergency service and they came to us the same day! I had called numerous pool servicers and no one would help me without getting into a contract, but Pool Rangers saved the day! They were so understanding and helpful. Since then we have had service at 2 homes with Pool Rangers and we're 100% satisfied with their service. No more chasing down the pool man for service! They are on top of maintenance and any problems with the equipment as well as leaving us with a sparkling pool. Always able to reach them via email and the phone with prompt responses. Their attitude towards their customers is human and warm and this is what you get from a good old fashioned family business rather than the larger companies! I highly recommend Pool Rangers!!

Sylviane/Min B.



Great professionalism and service

Since the beginning Pool Rangers has helped Casa Paradiso Inc. bring our pool to a high standard and has maintained this throughout the services contract for the past year. We hope and are confident that this level of service will continue over the years to come. Thanks to Gary, Jovita and sons for their support.

Piero B.

The BEST!!!

I LOVE Pool Rangers. They are knowledgeable and take pride in their work. They do a great job with our weekly pool service, and when occasional unexpected problems happen with our equipment, they respond right away and make things right fast. Pool Rangers keeps us swimming and enjoying our pool!! They take responsibility for the maintenance so we can relax! I give Pool Rangers my highest recommendation!!!

Amy A.

Very Reliable

I have been using pool Rangers for a couple of years now. They are always helpful when I call with a concern regarding my pool. Their service is excellent as I never have to wait for a call back or too long for service when needed. This is why I gave them 5 out of 5 stars!


Lisa M.

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