Why We Deal With AquaCal And You Should Too

“Sometimes who you are doing business with is a lot more important than the business that you are doing.”

We believe this whole-heartedly, which is why in the swimming pool industry it is difficult to refer certain companies that specialize in heaters, leaks and construction.

You see, we have certain beliefs and values that we instill into our business model, one of which is honesty and a lot of times it is hard to find companies that share the same values.

The problem is some companies are just so big that it is hard for them to keep track of everything and everyone all the time and thus, quality or communication gets lost along the way between command and execution; which is actually understandable. After all, no one is perfect.

But the important thing is that if and when something does come up where there was a miscommunication or the quality of the job wasn’t up to par, that the company addresses it and resolves it the right way.


The Story

That being said, we had an incident a short while back with one of our distributors, AquaCal, who we’ve been purchasing from for over 20 years.

Now for those that don’t know, we are a small family owned and operated business so we don’t purchase any significant amount of products at once.

But needless to say we developed a relationship with AquaCal over the many years of purchasing our heaters from them.

We love their heaters, we always have. As far as we’re concerned they manufacture some of the best heaters hands down. After all they do specialize in heaters specifically.

On top of that, their warranty service is also one of the best. We actually recently installed one of their heaters which started to act up once we fired it up, (which I’ve never seen before) and their service tech. was there the same day to fix it.

If that’s not service, I don’t know what is.

So a while back we received one of these in the mail.

aquacal aquacal

Which makes it really convenient to service a heater that needs repair.

So when we had a customer that needed a heater repaired, we called them up. My mother was the one who actually made the phone call and when she spoke to the person who would be performing the “repair,” she reminded him that if the customer needed a new heater, that we would be selling him one – as it was OUR customer, as it reads on the flyer, as that is an unwritten rule in the swimming pool industry, and most importantly as it is the right thing to do.

So of course, the repair tech. replied “OK.”



The very next week, to our surprise, we were made aware by my brother, who services that particular customers pool, that there was a brand new AquaCal heater installed.

At that point we were pretty disappointed to say the least, especially my dad. He immediately called up our rep. and told him exactly what happened and wanted to know how that happened after we gave specific instructions to avoid this situation.

The initial conversation didn’t go to our liking. The rep. wasn’t in any position to make any significant reimbursements but eventually offered us a couple hundred bucks off our next heater purchase.

My dad obviously wanted to speak to somebody in charge…

He wanted AquaCal to admit their fault and make it right. He’s a “southern boy” from Kentucky with a short temper for stuff like that.

And after a couple days of speaking to different people at the company in order to get the story across to the right people, they did.


That’s Why

AquaCal stood by their word, admitted their mistake and took responsibility for what happened.

They sent us a brand new heater free of charge, which is more than my dad expected. After all it wasn’t about the money. It was about the principle.

My dad would say that they went above and beyond to resolve this issue and aside from the incident even taking place, couldn’t be happier with how they decided to make it right.

We stood by AquaCal’s products and service before this happened and we stand by them even more so now because of it.

Not because they made a pretty significant mistake, but because of the way they decided to handled it.

Anyone can make a mistake…It’s how they fix it that sets them apart.



Thank you AquaCal


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