Which In-line Chlorinator do I choose?!

Tired of these little guys floating around your pool just relaxing all day while your at work? Then constantly bugging you when you’re actually trying to relax in your pool? Me too…

chlorine tablet-duck chlorine tablet-shark

chlorine tablet-fish






So if you’re thinking about buying an in-line chlorinator, we can help.

Now when you think of any product in the swimming pool industry, two of the main manufacturers that immediately come to mind might be Hayward and Pentair. But in this case we would like to offer you a third option:

The Custom Molded Products’ (CMP) Powerclean Ultra In-Line Chlorinator








Now you might be thinking to yourself “its just a tablet holder, who cares which one I get.” But the reason this might become a little more important to you is because like the rest of your pool system, I’m sure you’ve noticed after a couple years of use things begin to progressively become more and more of a task. This can be a result of a number of things like improper installation, broken parts, un-lubricated O-rings, design flaws, pressure, and just plain old wear and tear.


chlorine-tabletsAlso in-line chlorinators must be opened, loaded, and closed.  And if you’ve ever had a hard time opening or closing your pump or filter lid then you know what I’m talkingabout…

So speaking from shear personal experience, the Hayward and Pentair chlorinators seem to be the most common in-line chlorinating systems that we come across with the rainbow model (Pentair) being the more recently installed of the two.



In-line Chl. HaywardThe Hayward models we come across seem to have been installed a long time ago, the majority of which are usually no longer being used by the customer even though they are currently installed. And by this time the customer is now looking to get a new one. That being said, it seems the Hayward model passes the test of time.

Simply put, this model seems to eventually become the hardest to open. I believe it is due to the lids wider diameter without a real point of “grip.”  In other words, it’s harder to get your hands around and turn.



Now as common as the Hayward chlorinator is, we grew fond of Pentair’s Rainbow model. It has a sleeker design, which is convenient regarding space. The down side is the tablets can only be dropped in flat and that sometimes leads to the water splashing back up in your face.

In-line Chl. Pentair

But the lid is almost the perfect size to get your hands around for anyone. This makes opening and closing significantly easier but at the same time this also tends to unconsciously make people over-tighten which creates a problem when trying to re-open.

chl. lid

Also the lid contains four groove slots, which are good to get your fingers around if need be but also so you can use a small piece of PVC or wood to actually turn the lid open and close. This is also very convenient.The downside of constantly turning and tightening something so slender is that the tension created when turning seems to run directly down the core to the base. This, as I have seen, can eventually lead to a possible leak, as the tube begins to want to turn with the lid also making it harder to open. Also if the lid is on too tight and you don’t have something the right size to fit in the slots and turn open, those 4 protruding slots can become rough on your hands and fingers.



The favorite of the group is most certainly the Powerclean Ultra. Now ill be honest, we used the Pentair Rainbow model for so long it seemed

In-line Chl. CMP

like this guy came out of nowhere and when my Dad first took this out of the box, I wasn’t so sure. But I took one look at it, noticed the unions and thought hey maybe it’s not so bad after all. Let me just say right off the bat, 2” unions make any installation that much easier.

As for the rest of the unit, the wide body makes loading a breeze, just drop in some tablets however you want and as many as you want, no splash back, no problem.

The lid is also clear which is a pretty cool perk I think but obviously the main function of this unit is the ease of opening and closing the lid. It’s got two wings, one on each side, which allows you to painlessly open and close as you please. After you break the seal you can actually almost spin the top all the way off with one hit of the wing.

It also comes with the flow valve like the rest of them but this one actually allows you to visually see where your flow is set with its flow meter. Another great perk!

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