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Working in the swimming pool industry like any profession has its pros and its cons… One great thing about it is being around the water all day, everyday. The downside to that is water tends to also be wet and that doesn’t go too well with certain everyday necessities such as phones or shoes. Luckily, over the past couple years there have been some pretty cool accessories that I think are perfect for this industry and that I personally live by now. Some of them double as tools and toys so I thought Id share them with you.


Life proof case
LifeProof iPhone 4/4S Case White/Grey

Tools and ToysFirst off, and probably my favorite item is the Lifeproof case! The epitome of tools and toys. I can’t tell you how many phones I’ve dropped into the pool or got water damage from the rain. I’ve even dove into the deep end of a pool immediately after dropping my iphone in, with all my clothes on including shoes, with absolutely no hesitation. Especially nowadays when our phones are basically our lives! So when I first heard about this case a couple years back I had to buy one and let me tell you…boy is it worth it! Not only does it protect my phone but I even use it underwater now for work pictures and social media. That’s how confident I am with this case and I do not purchase a new iphone without getting the lifeproof case to go along with it.



Tools and ToysLike in the last story, shoes are easily ruined or made uncomfortable when soaking wet. Nobody likes walking around all day in wet socks and shoes and in the swimming pool industry you don’t have to just fall into a pool to get your shoes wet, although that has happened too. Not to mention getting chlorine or acid on your shoes immediately ruins them. So instead of worrying about all that, I’ve come to love the crocs! Not only do they come in a bunch of cool colors but I can get my feet wet or spill chlorine on them and not have a worry in the world. They truly make work that much better. I have 3 or 4 different pairs at any given time to change up the colors throughout the week. These are truely  some good tools and toys.


Brass hose nozzle
Bullseye Power Nozzle

Tools and ToysOne thing I find in common with backyards regardless of the swimming pool is usually a terrible hose nozzle, half of which are broken or refuse to unscrew from the hose. They’re usually all made out of plastic and they’re the type you have to hold the handle down to open the stream. This makes hosing down your deck or cleaning your filter a hassle. There’s only one hose nozzle I spend money on and it lasts me forever and it fits in my pocket. I literally carry it in my pocket all day. The Bullseye nozzle is made out of brass and will not break. It’s also small and convenient. Now there are other brass nozzles but this one is simply the best.



Polarized glasses

Tools and ToysNow whether your in the pool industry or not, you probably own a pair of sunglasses especially if you have a pool or live in Miami. And if you do own a pair of glasses, I’m sure you are well aware of polarized lenses by now. But what I have come to notice from the countless pairs of glasses I’ve gone through over the years, polarized and non, is that polarized lenses, specifically in reference to swimming pools, makes it significantly easier to see algae growth under the water. You can try it for yourself, considering you have algae of course.



Waterproof headphones

Tools and ToysWhat good is a waterproof phone if the accessories you have for it, aren’t…These were the first pair of waterproof headphones I’ve ever purchased and I love them. They’re made by Monster so they’re a little pricey but great quality. Oh yea, and they’re completely waterproof. It’s actually pretty cool. You can literally listen to your music underwater which I know might sound pretty useless but at least you don’t have to worry about getting them wet from splashing around the pool area. Another great double use for tools and toys.




GoPro HERO3+: Black Edition

Tools and ToysBy now we’ve all heard of the GoPro but I took the plunge and decided to buy one and I actually use it as a tool and toy for work and play. Its high definition is pretty impressive and it fits in the palm of your hand. You can have fun with it in any environment, especially in water. The case is completely waterproof. You can take pictures or videos of you and your friends having a great time in the pool or at the beach or even on the boat. There are a bunch of accessories for it like the headband, float, screen, suction cup and much more. The pictures and videos this little device puts out are amazing quality and as small as it is, it captures an extremely wide range of view. I take my GoPro everywhere now.



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