Swimming Pool Problems & Solutions

swimming pool problems

Being in the field is an important part of any industry because you get a first hand look at what’s actually going on. In my case, I decided to start taking pics of anything I think is worth possibly putting up on the web…Turns out, there’s a lot.

I’m constantly coming across a bunch of different situations, good and bad, in the swimming pool industry which I keep until I can come up with an idea for a post to share.

I think its important to stay up to date in your industry but if I can help others out along the way with some info. they may not have known or just some helpful tips then that’s a definite plus.

So here are some swimming pool problems and solutions I came across in order to maintain a healthy swimming pool.

Bobby Pins

swimming pool problems

These metal clips can be a huge swimming pool problem. Girls probably forget they even have them in their hair before diving into the water. But these pins can permanently stain your pools surface in a matter of hours and an abundance of them being kicked around the bottom instead of being picked up can leave you with a collection of surface stains.

Don’t ruin your beautiful and expensive swimming pool surface with something that can be easily prevented. Make sure to remove all hair clips or anything metal that could potentially fall off. Also before getting out of the pool for good, take a quick look around and make sure you didn’t accidentally have anything fall off of you that could potentially stain the surface.


Filthy Filters

swimming pool problems

Somewhere along the way, you may have heard that “filters clean better when they are dirty.” Now let me rephrase that. What they should have said was “filters clean better when they are a little dirtier, but not filthy. There’s a difference…” Because it is true that when filters are a little dirtier than clean, they catch more debris, which makes sense. But a filter that hasn’t been cleaned in 6 months does the exact opposite and is so clogged up with shit that it stops filtering entirely and actually restricts water flow.

These are the dirtiest filters I’ve ever seen and they’re actually ruined. So in this case a lazy man doesn’t work twice as hard, he pays twice as much because now he has to purchase 4 new cartridges. Clean your filters every couple of weeks. Every other week is ideal depending on your pool but the longer you wait to clean your filter, the more problems you are creating for yourself.


Chlorine Tablets

swimming pool problems

Can I just say if your putting multiple forms of chlorine in your swimming pool simultaneously with no other purpose than to add chlorine, you will eventually end up being a blog post on this site, its only a matter of time…But seriously, this is just a waste of money. Tablets aren’t cheap and throwing them in a vat of chlorine is absolutely a waste of everything that went into the process of putting chlorine tablets into a vat of chlorine… Never do this. Ever.

If you have an automatic chlorine feeder, you do not need to add tablets to your swimming pool unless you are adding them for stabilizer. The point of chlorine tablets aside from their stabilization purposes is to essentially add chlorine to your pool more consistently in smaller doses. Which is what happens when the tablet dissolves over time. In theory, this is essentially the same concept of the chlorine feeder so doing this renders the tablets completely irrelevant. You may as well be throwing them into the garbage. Next…



swimming pool problems

The ironic thing about swimming pool tile is that as beautiful as some of them are, they are usually something you don’t generally notice individually of the entire pool until they’re filthy, like this. But when they’re this dirty, its hard not to notice. Pool tile needs to be cleaned regularly because oils from swimmers will eventually stick to them. These oils and other particles are too small to be filtered out.

There are other chemicals that reduce oils as well as other processes for cleaning filters that help dissipate these oils but regardless the tile needs to be cleaned regularly. The more often you clean your tile the easier it is, trust me. Also the best way to do it is to enjoy your swimming pool and jump on in with some tile soap and scrub pad. A little elbow grease never hurt anyone.



swimming pool problems

Unbalanced swimming pool water is corrosive and can virtually corrode any metal, except stainless steel… Don’t believe me? Well this is a very old cast iron strainer for a huge commercial pool and I think it’s pretty obvious who won that battle. The downside to this is that once the metal becomes corroded, it gets into the pool water. Eventually these metal particles will land on the pool surface and stain. And because these particles are so small, they can stain a big portion of your surface instead of small individual stains. These are the worst stains because of their size. Also I don’t want metal in my water, OK!

Usually people say “if it aint broke don’t fix it.” Well this strainer isn’t broke but it needs to be replaced. This is a very old unit and it takes a very long time for one of these to get like this but now they manufacture heavy duty plastic ones that will virtually last forever. Its 2014 for Christ sakes, get with it.

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