Swimming Pool Installation Is An Art

Swimming Pool Installation

In the swimming pool installation industry it doesn’t take very long before you come across a terrible plumbing job.

They’re either plumbed in wrong, leaking, using a make shift idea, or in this case just poorly planned and executed. Generally speaking systems with these types of problems are older but in this case, and this might be surprising to some, this swimming pool and system are brand spankin’ new.

This is actually one of our customers who just spent a ton of money building a beautiful new swimming pool in his backyard. Now this pool is an infiniti pool, which requires an additional motor to create the cascading effect. Also the spa cascades entirely, creates bubbles and has a heater. The pool has an additional small water feature as well and obviously the system has a filter. For these reasons, this pool requires three separate pumps & motors and involves a lot of plumbing, as you can see…

So does that justify the atrocity you see here? Does it look like in any sense of the words that this plumbing job was premeditated? Especially on a system that is out in the open for people to see… The walkway down the side of the house is clearly visible on the right. Not to mention if this person did his own pool or even wants to change the water flow when we aren’t there, I doubt he would be able to. I don’t think there is a single pipe that isn’t crossing over or overlapping one or more other pipes.

This is just one of many ongoing problems in the swimming pool installation industry. In this case the installers simply didn’t care enough to spend the time to make this project nice and neat, as it should be. They were satisfied with this system only enough to have it up and running. Clearly nobody cared how this looks. But for someone spending that type of money, every aspect of this swimming pool should be done as beautifully and precise as possible. Simply put, it should be done right and this is a perfect example of something done wrong.

Swimming pool installation is more than just connecting the piping to its proper location. It is in a sense, an art. To visualize not only the best possible path to the pipes next inlet or outlet, but to be able to do so with how its going to look when its done, in mind. The best swimming pool installation artists can make even the most complex plumbing jobs look simple and clean. As my dad says “Tight is right.. no runs, drips or errors.”



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