Four Really Cool Swimming Pool Halloween Ideas

swimming pool halloween ideas


With the upcoming Halloween weekend, I wanted to share some really cool swimming pool Halloween ideas that might make for a spooky & fun swimming pool.

But first, a quick fun fact that some may not know… Pumpkins do float! Check out this video of a huuuge pumpkin floating in a swimming pool!

So don’t be afraid to include some pumpkins in your swimming pool!

swimming pool halloween ideas



Swimming pool dye is a great way to set a spooky mood in your pool. It looks even better at night with the pool lights on! It’s perfectly safe and does not stain or hurt your pool in any way. You can turn your swimming pool water red, green, blue or yellow. It lasts 3-5 days and simply filters out.

3 PACK – Party Pool Color Additive Rockin Red 47016-00010

swimming pool halloween ideas




Plexiglass pool covers are a little more labor intensive and costly but they make for one of those amazing swimming pool halloween ideas. Company’s will come in and set up this see through acrylic directly over your swimming pool without harming your surface or damaging your deck. With the addition of pool lights this transforms any pool into a dance floor or dining area. This is a great idea if you want to see your pool but utilize the space as well.

swimming pool haloween ideas












Dry Ice for fog may look like one of those great swimming pool Halloween ideas… and looks really cool, but I’ve done some research and although some people say its harmless, I’m not entirely sure that’s true.

I would say if you are going to use dry ice in your pool that you do so only if you plan on not  allowing people to swim in it while it is still creating fog. Also be sure you have an open area around the pool, big enough for the fog to dissipate. You may want to place the dry ice in a container before placing into your pool as it may stain the surface.

pool dry ice












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