Swimming Pool Cleaners Are A Pools Best Friend

swimming pool cleaners

Automatic pool cleaners are a swimming pools best friend.

They make everyones life that much easier because they do the majority of the work themselves, and you don’t even have to to tip them. Some people love their swimming pool cleaners so much that they even go as far as naming them. Now I’m not saying you have to get your cleaners phone number or anything but you should consider getting to know the different types of pool cleaners out there before you spend a couple hundred dollars on one…

There are a multitude of swimming pool cleaners on the market. So how does one differentiate one from the other in order to choose the best one? Especially when your not trying to spend $1000.00 on one of those new all-in-one cleaners. But at the same time you don’t want to buy a cheap-o model either..

Well I’ve had a chance to work with a handful of these little guys and I still personally prefer the suction side pool cleaners and my choice by FAR is the Kreepy Krauly Great White by Pentair and ill tell you why. Or better yet, Ill show you why…

Here are some quick and easily noticeable example of why some pool cleaners are better than others, specifically the Great White. While the rest of these are also good swimming pool cleaners, you can clearly see where the problem lies. There are just too many working parts. These parts are simply made out of plastic and the more moving parts there are, the more room for error. Moving parts are highlighted in red.



Kreepy Krauly Great White

swimming pool cleaners

swimming pool cleaners


The Great White is the ideal cleaning machine because not only does it have the widest mouth but it is also the only one with brushes. So while it’s picking up dirt and debris off the bottom of your pool it is also brushing down your walls and surface. It also has a wide 15” cleaning path and can turn on a 360 degrees axis, which allows it to clean in those hard to reach areas.  And just because it’s the simplest doesn’t mean it was the easiest to design. Like a math problem the hardest part to get to is “simplest terms.” And that’s what they’ve achieved with the Great White. While the other cleaners are still good products this is the only swimming pool suction cleaner that we recommend to our customers.

Pentair GW9500 Kreepy Krauly Great White Automatic Pool Cleaner for In-Ground Pools, Grey/Black




Hayward Navigator

swimming pool cleaners

swimming pool cleaners

While the Navigator is in no sense of the words “a bad pool cleaner,” It is next in line to having an excess amount of working parts. Even being second in line with probably the fewest besides the Great White, it seems to still triple the amount of functioning parts as the Great White. That being said, this is an extremely common and reliable swimming pool cleaner and if taken care of properly, these can last you a long time. When something goes wrong with one of these, It is a pretty quick and easy repair.




Zodiac Baracuda MX8

swimming pool cleaners

swimming pool cleaners


This guy looks so cool! It’s mean, robotic and futuristic all at the same time. Very appealing I think but like any robot I can’t even begin to tell you how many parts go into this model. For Christ sakes, it has “tracks” for wheels..The picture says more than I ever could and despite the wide suction range of the bottom of this cleaner, the actual opening for debris to move through is way too small which allows too many things to get stuck. We find this model constantly needing work or parts or both and it now seems apparent why..





Now you might be wondering why you haven’t seen any of these model pool cleaners yet. And for all intensive purposes these are great pool cleaners but the reason I’m not a fan is because these models have “diaphragms” at the heart of their internals. These rubber tubes are punctured easily because they are thin, and only allow debris to enter in one direction. So a small piece of mulch that wants to turn on its side usually ends up piercing through this skin and causing water loss which reduces suction.

swimming pool cleaners

swimming pool cleaners

The reason so many working parts may have a negative effect on these cleaners and not so much on the new, all-in-one robotic models is because these stay working in your pool all day everyday while your pump is running. The wear and tear on these cleaners is what causes parts to fail and break. And more often than not people have too much suction to these cleaners which only make the life of them that much shorter. If your pool cleaner is coming out of the water and losing a prime or you can hear it “thudding” around under water, you should open another valve or partially close that one to reduce the cleaner’s suction.




As you can clearly see, the Great White has significantly less moving parts and therefore has less problems. I have also personally worked with all of these cleaners including others and found this to be the case time and time again. Now there are many more pool cleaners out there than the ones previously discussed but you get the idea.. I tried taking the biggest name manufacturers to use as an example but the overall concept for any swimming pool cleaner is basically the same. Although these are all good cleaners, I would only recommend purchasing the Great White for suction side, automatic pool cleaners.




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