Summer Fun

Miami is full of animals and critters just looking for some beautiful swimming pool water to dive into. So I put together some of the pictures I kept over the past couple months and its amazing the things I come across. Just another day in the life of a swimming pool professional! Enjoy!

See who else decided to join in on the swimming pool summer fun!

summer fun

Good boy! Hes always trying to help me keep the pool clean except when hes throwing that tennis ball back in the pool! If thats not summer fun I don’t know what is.








summer funThis guys nothin but trouble. Scared me half to death when he crawled out of a pile of leaves on the top step of this swimming pool. He just wasn’t cooperating with me and didn’t want to stay put.









summer funSomebody had a bad day. This fish got picked up from his home in the bay by a bird, dropped into fresh water and sucked into a pool cleaner…he didn’t seem to happy about it. I guess the summer fun isn’t for everyone.










summer funHey there! Caught this little fella in the act! I guess that Miami heat will do that to you. That water does look pretty tempting. I tried to tell him that’s not good for his health but I don’t think he was listening.











summer fun

Frogger over here must have jumped one lane too far and landed right in the pool. He was either tanning his thighs or having some trouble getting out so I gave him a little assistance. But don’t let me catch you in there again!









summer funWe got a floater! I guess he didn’t see the “swim at your own risk” sign. This is why pool safety is so important. Let that be a lesson to you other rats who decide to swim with no lifeguard on duty or without a lifejacket.




summer funThis guys all up in my business. Stickin his head out of his window wondering what im doing. Mind your business turtle, im workin here!





summer funSteadyyyy! I was just waiting for this little guy to jump on me while I was taking this pic. I don’t know what he was up to but I didn’t like it. He was eye-ballin me…





If your having trouble with unwanted animals such as raccoons or stray cats, sprinkle some granular chlorine (pool shock) around your coping. This burns their paws and has a strong odor to them. This will eventually keep them from coming around.In The Swim Chlorine Pool Shock – 6 X 1 lb. bags

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