Pool Landscaping – The Sh** They Should Show You

pool landscaping

Generally speaking, I think its safe to say that for the most part, when people think of swimming pools, they imagine an image of crystal clear water sparkling in the sun, inviting them to jump on in…and shouldn’t that be exactly what you want out of your pool?

Especially if you’re in the process of having a new one built…It would be pretty unusual if that weren’t somewhat close to the image you’re currently portraying in your head.

I mean if it wasn’t, then I’d be out of business. After all isn’t that why swimming pool owners hire swimming pool professionals to design, build and maintain their swimming pools?

Furthermore, shouldn’t this image also be what pool professionals strive to achieve when designing, building and maintaining a swimming pool?

If so, you would think that everybody in the swimming pool industry would consider ALL the factors involved beforehand in order to educate their customer on creating and maintaining their ideal swimming pool.

Specifically, site analysis and landscaping because landscaping is the single most contributing factor to your swimming pools aesthetic presence. Even one leaf at the bottom of an otherwise pristine pool will be the first thing your eyes are drawn towards when you walk up to a swimming pool.

So this reminded me of an old Carmax ad that really caught my attention when I first came across it.

pool landscaping

















I love this concept because this is one of the most important values that my dad built the foundation of this company on; Honesty…and you can apply this to any industry…



Because lets face it, what’s the point of having this swimming pool?…

pool landscaping


If it’s going to look like this…
pool landscaping pool landscaping
Every single week…


And this is just one example. I can’t tell you how many recently new swimming pools are being built under or directly next to some of the worst plants and trees to have anywhere near them for obvious reasons.

Whether it’s a new construction project or you are simply thinking of doing landscaping, you need to really consider the types of plants and trees you decide on as well as the distance from your pool you are going to plant them, especially if you live on the beach.

Unfortunately for this pool above, that’s exactly the problem. This swimming pool is near the beach and receives constant gusts of wind from the shore and of course there are 50 ft. tall bamboo trees planted in the absolute worse place possible.

Probably the worst decision in the history of the swimming pool industry, at least in my opinion are having Avocado trees or Mango trees anywhere remotely close to your swimming pool not to mention hanging directly over the water. This still amazes me to this day. As if fallen and broken mangos and avocados on the deck attracting animals, flies and mosquitos is a good look for any pool…Not to mention the ones at the bottom of the pool and in the skimmer that leave stains on the surface. It’s just a complete mess.

So whether your thinking of building a pool or doing any landscaping around your swimming pool, you should really consult with your pool builder and/or your landscaper about the location of the pool to existing plants and trees or more importantly, the TYPES of plants and trees and how prone they are to shedding their leaves, etc.. 



Pool Landscaping: Take it from us, you do not want to spend such a significant amount of money on designing a beautiful new pool only to end up having the dirtiest pool in the neighborhood.  

  • When landscaping, consider which plants shed least and always try to plant a reasonable distance away from the pool. (at least 4 ft)
  • Consider which plants and trees have small and slow growing roots. Large roots that grow rapidly can cause damage to the tile, deck and even cause leaks.
  • Overhanging trees are a pools worst nightmare. Always try to keep your trees trimmed back away from pool.
  • If you’re going to have landscaping around the pool deck, keep the soil, mulch or stone at a lower level than the decking. Rains and sprinklers will cause soil and mulch to run back into the pool.
  • While designing pool and deck layout, allow enough space on every side of pool for someone to walk comfortably. (helps with pool cleaning)
  • If your going to use pavers for your decking, or coping for your pool perimeter, keep in mind that regular maintenance is required from keeping the pavers and coping from eventually caving in and insects bring up sand that ends up in your pool.
  • ALWAYS use non-skid flooring for your decking or “slippery when wet” becomes an understatement. Especially when algae growth occurs.
  • Consult your contractor about making sure your deck does not slope downward towards the pool.
  • If your going to have big planters, make sure to keep them a good distance from the pool. If you insist on keeping them close to the pool perimeter, make sure to leave enough deck space for someone to work and walk around. Also be cautious about which plants you choose.
  • Plants with thorns are a pool technician’s worst nightmare.
  • Planting around pool equipment should be done in an openly accessible way and refrain from planting “on top” of your equipment.
  • Fertilizers alter pool chemicals and can permanently stain your surface.
  • WHITE FLY not only kills your surrounding landscape but the sticky secretion they leave behind jurastically depletes your swimming pool chemicals, clogs your filter and leaves an oily residue on the waters surface which accumulates on the tile.
  • PESTICIDES used to treat this WHITE FLY alters your swimming pool chemicals and usually more than one treatment is necessary in order to rid your plants of the fly. This can become a back and forth vicious cycle for your pool and landscape in South Florida.


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