5 Pool Care Tips That Could Save Your Swimming Pools Life

pool care tips

Swimming pools are a fully functioning entity and every once in a while something goes wrong.

It’s just inevitable; shit happens… For the most part when a pool is properly maintained, everything usually goes pretty swimmingly. That being said, even the newest of swimming pools and systems can be a victim to inevitable, unforeseeable events for no reason at all. That’s just the way of the world.

Pools can randomly and suddenly spring leaks, clog pipes, overflow, lose primes, build pressure, etc… The list goes on. There’s no telling what could pop up next especially with the unpredictable Miami weather blowing unwanted items into the pool or dumping multiple inches of rain in your pool water in a matter of hours.

As luck would have it 9 times out of 10 when something goes wrong with your swimming pool or system nobody is around to see it. The downside to this is that regardless of what goes wrong, your single or two-speed motor will run until the preset time, stop then start up again the next morning like clockwork. Unless of course it’s an electrical issue which causes the motor to stop working.

This can lead to even bigger problems than you might have initially had. So I put together some pool care tips that could potentially be the difference between a quick fix and a disaster. Regardless of the issue you should always take these precautions:


1. Always open a valve before you close one!

When you need to change the direction of your water flow whether it be to vacuum the pool, bypass the heater, bypass the filter to waste or open flow to the heater to heat the pool, you should ALWAYS open the valve that needs to be opened before you close the other.

Closing a valve on the “push side” of your pool system will leave the water with nowhere to go while your motor continues to pull in water and try to push it out. The pressure in your pipes, filter and pump will skyrocket and can even blow out your pump lid or filter lid. This amount of pressure strains the motor, can crack pipes and cause leaks.


2. Turn the system off and call your pool tech!

If for any reason you notice something acting up with your pool system or your motor is making an unusual sound and you’re not sure what it is, the best thing you can do is turn the system off at the switch or breaker and call your pool technician. When you’re not exactly sure what is going on and you start “playing” with different things to try and fix it, you sometimes end up making the problem worse. Or if you just have no idea what it is and it turns out to be something significant, you don’t want the system running on high while you wait for someone to come fix it. The best thing for all the parties involved is to turn the system off completely until we can figure out exactly what the problem is.


3. Close your skimmer!

The ideal water level for a swimming pool is half way up the skimmer. So for those pools being kept at the ideal water level that either leak or receive a lot of evaporation from the sun, you want to keep an extra eye out for your water level. Especially if you’re too busy to be home monitoring it while the hose is in it. The easiest and best thing to do is be proactive and close your skimmer when you notice it getting a little on the low side until you have the time to fill your pool back up.

If your skimmer is left open and your water level gets low enough it will begin to suck air and you will immediately lose a prime in your motor. Your motor will run hot and cause all types of unwanted problems. Even some pools with a perfect water level that also have a skimmer flap can get stuck in the upward position and cut off all water going to the skimmer and cause the same problem.


4. Don’t walk away from an open waste line!

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve gotten a phone call asking us to run over to a property because someone left the waste line open. To be fair, I’m sure we’ve all been there at one point or another. I know I’ve even done this in my earlier days as a pool tech. Its one of those things that slips your mind the second you move on to do something simultaneously because you know its going to take a little while. Out of sight out of mind. Don’t accidentally drain half your pool down or your water bill will surely be noticeable that month.


5. Always double check your system!

No matter what the case may be that you needed to turn the system off and maybe close a valve or open one…When you are done, always take an extra minute to double check that all your valves are in the proper position before restarting the system and walking away from it. Chances are when you’re done and walk away, you won’t be back for a week or the next time you go to check on things.

So If you forgot to close a valve or open one, your system is going to run and you aren’t going to be back soon enough to save it. So always double-check that everything is functioning properly before walking away.

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